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Attractive financing solution

For your POS displays & sales furniture

Attractive financing solutions

If your product or brand demands a special or custom-designed appearance and structure, we are ready to help with ideas, concept, design and manufacture.

In addition, we can help with attractive financing solutions of your purchased POS-Displays, POS-Display-Spinners, gondolas or entire shop concepts.

With our unique leasing model, shop furniture and POS-Displays do not tie up large amounts of cash as you do not pay the product up front but only in small installments over your preferred leasing period. You can use the liquidity gained for other areas, e.g. for the pre-financing of products or intensified retail sales.

With our leasing model, every roll-out can be planned very well via small rates and your POS placement only costs money when you already achieve continuous revenues.

We see ourselves as your partner in the implementation of your display project, right through to distribution to the Point-of-Sale. We look forward to your enquiry and we will prepare an individual leasing offer for you!


  • Save liquidity
  • Flexible leasing terms from 24 months onwards
  • Plannable monthly rates
  • For POS displays & shop furniture


6 steps to your roll-out with a customized financing

1. Display design and pricing

We work together with you to develop your bespoke retail display and we provide in addition a customised financing offer based on our unique Display-Leasing-Model. You only need to share your desired leasing period. We offer you in return a financing with small leasing rates for your furniture.

2. Successful credit check

Our financing partner checks your creditworthiness via "Creditreform". After a successful check, we are ready finance your POS-Displays.

3. Order confirmation and leasing contract

After a prototype of the furniture and your decision to go ahead with the product and the financing service, you will receive an order confirmation and the leasing contract for your signature.

4. Production

We start the production of your individual POS-Displays. After approx. 8 - 10 weeks, your sales furniture will be ready to be rolled out to your retail outlets.

5. Ready for roll-out and confirmation of receipt

You will receive a document from us to sign and confirm that the POS-Displays are ready for roll-out.

6. Roll-out and payment of the first leasing installment

The roll-out to your retail partners can now begin and the first monthly leasing installment is due, which you pay directly to our financing partner.

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