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The Company

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About us

Our goal:

Our goal is to become the favorite partner for premium permanent P.o.S. Display Solutions for publishers, press and convenience product suppliers as well as selected brands of consumer goods in Europe and in every market we serve.

Who we are:

We, Hannecke Display Systems, design, develop and manufacture creative permanent Display Solutions, which allow our customers to offer a unique and first-class shopping experience at any P.o.S.

"Made in Germany"

"Hannecke Display Systems is a owner-managed company. Our focus is to create an integral display solution for our customers product at any Point-of-Sale. We feel close to our customer and stand for personal input and guidance on any display project.

By following our principle "Quality made by Hannecke" for all of our services, we can generate a significant advantage for our customers at the PoS."

- Cuno Götz von Olenhusen, C.E.O.