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New POS Display for Thalia's reading glass collection ´VIZOU´

Thalia, Germany's leading bookselling chain, presents its new brand for reading glasses VIZOU with a POS display from Hannecke Display Systems

Germany's leading bookselling chain Thalia has once again chosen Hannecke Display Systems for creating a new revolving display for the presentation of its new collection of reading glasses ´VIZOU´. The high-quality POS display spinner made from wooden material is based on the Hannecke System `Square´ and presents the eyewear collection in a clearly arranged way while using a minimum floor space. The elegant design draws consumers' attention directly to the product to increase sales. In addition, the display combines functionality with a unique consumer experience by special features such as mirrors and reading test cards on eye level, carefully presented testers of 20 different models. The POS display holds in total 140 glasses and includes a storage base with casters. Dimensions 500 x 500 x 1700mm (19" x 19" x 71").