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Display spinner

Striking Performance

Display spinner

Original Hannecke spinners are based on a patented modular system, which is well-known internationally. Our clients appreciate the sales-boosting presentation and the large variety of designs. Due to the modular concept the systems accommodate almost any format and structure of product and merchandise.

The systems can come as counter top or freestanding floor display. Dependent on the type and size of your product, the capacity and the intended retail sites, you may choose from 4 different systems.



High Capacity, small footprint

Spacer System

The Spacer system can be adjusted to accommodate almost any size of book or packaged product, which is shown standing upright with a full view onto the facing and the spine. The clear structure of the shelf plates underlines the series character of your collection in an attractive way of presentation. This system stands for a maximum of visible facings displayed within a slim diameter, using a minimum of floor space.
•    Facings in full view
•    Clear structure of shelf plates
•    Product held by top and bottom front plate
•    Choose from 20 different models
•    Shelf plates adjustable in height
•    Pockets adjustable in depth
•    Easy to reload, easy to use



Clear View onto cover

Sideloader System

The Hannecke Sideloader system was specially developed to present magazines and periodicals, leaflets and brochures. The patented, slightly curved pockets ensure that the product stands up straight. A spring in each pocket supports thin brochures and single leaflets to keep even single leaves in an upright position. The transparent front plates provide a clear view onto each cover.

•    Clear arrangement of large number of facings
•    Suitable of all soft-covers and brochures
•    Spring-loaded pockets
•    Tiers adjustable in height
•    Stoppers to adjust pocket depth from A4 to A5
•    Shelves available with 8 or 12 pockets


Compact in full view

Frontloader System

It is the expressiveness of how your books are presented with the Hannecke Frontloader system. The structure of the shelf plates show the books in a very attention-grabbing way: titles are shown in a slightly leaning position, offering the full view onto both the title and the spines.

The design makes it fun to browse product in each pocket. Books with different heights can be mixed in each pocket. Last but not least reloading the display is easy: trim sized books can even be refilled in stacks.

•    Each pocket accommodates mix of different formats
•    Browsing the books in each pocket
•    Choice of more than 10 shelf plate designs
•    Shelf plates are available in clear acrylic or in pure colors
•    Labelling or print on front plate of each pocket
•    Easy and quick reloading of pockets

easiKit® Cube-SYSTEM

flexible und modular

easiKit® XL Cube System

The easiKit® display system comes in a most brilliant transparent appearance. Deviating from the conventional way of bonding acrylic components with glue, easiKit® components simply click together. Clear dividers hook into basic shelf plates -  all made from high resistant material, more or less unbreakable.

Various available sizes of dividers can be arranged in different positions and create pockets in multiple dimensions. The easiKit® display cubes built this way can grow to any size of display tower.

•    Create counter top or freestanding floor displays
•    High degree of flexibility
•    Modular display cubes
•    Can grow with your needs
•    Versatile use
•    Adjustable pocket sizes
•    High resistable material


Wooden natural appearance


This system is available as a custom made display spinner. Size and finish are made to order. The wooden column will take straight shelves, hooks or any other device necessary to make it a perfect product presentation.

Many classic or trendy finishes are available, the designs can be adjusted to achieve an individual display spinner which is in perfect harmony with your product or merchandise.

•    Multiple display types:
•    Straight shelves
•    Acrylic pockets or bins
•    Metal hooks
•    Variety of finishes
•    Wood or pure colors

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