LÜK - The original Edutainment program

- The original edutainment program for pre-school, school and at home

The german publisher Westermann Luek offers a new gondola for the presentation of his wide edutainment program, comprising coloring books, learning literature and games.

The new wooden gondola offers space for all formats.
Not only this fixture very functional with a small footprint of 20" x 20" and with 4 casters but also it is an eyecatching highlight for your shop or department.
At a height of 63" you'll always keep the overview in the store.

The tiered arrangement of the display pockets show 16 titles fully visible at a total capacity of approx. 200 copies. The vertical dividers keep the books in line and support an orderly presentation. The storage compartment provides adjustable dividers, which help storing the backlist and package product.

A special feature are two full-color printed header signs, exchangeable for each seasonal or other special sales.


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