Hannecke Display Systems

The logo that embodied the display spinner at the beginning, today represents the many innovative systems for increasing sales and for excellence in product presentation.

Hannecke stands for design, and developing marketing aids, POS displays and sales fixtures and fittings. Our patented spinner system is valued and used by customers worldwide.

Display building blocks for retail outlets

For books, press, stationery, audio and DVDs we have a well-developed functional solution. Emphasis lies on equipping medium to large sales areas. Booktique can be offered cost effectively as we are usually able to do without advising on architecture, interior design and the need for making sales visits.

We do not skimp when it comes to qualified, conceptual consultation and planning for your area. We provide complete support from planning the layout to realizing the displays (production, setup and installation of the fixtures).

We create a floor plan of your premises and accompany you as you define your product groups, the style of presentation and we setup the Booktique building blocks for your bookshop or branch.

Exhibition and décor system

From window display to complete exhibition stand Decomod®, a flexible modular click together system can meet your changing, growing and local needs.
Decomod® can always help, when you have to present in the most varied locations and changing areas. Decomod® is fast and easy to set up, and knocks down flat for space-saving transportation and storage.

Decomod is specifically designed to present your products and information material. No tools needed for set up or knock down.

We can discuss your needs for the exhibition together and determine the scope. We produce your fixtures, displays and décor to order. Along with the stand layout you get clear instructions and can order the right packaging system for the job from us.

Displays to build into existing shop fittings

As product ranges change, presentation of merchandize needs to change as well. Should your focus in media products grow and demand larger units or accents on specific products, our In.Line system can help without the need to dismantle and replace shelving.

You can use your base units and concentrate on product presentation. The individual headers give you a cost-effective way to display core range, bestsellers and promote branding.

Our display units can hold all regular standard systems in slotted metal uprights – level for level, unit for unit.

All In.Line Systems are available from stock in standard diameters of 1 m and 1.25 m. If required we can produce elements to suit your individual needs from a minimum of 25 units.

As soon as you have decided on the presentation method you (or, of course your shop-fixtures supplier or architect) can order your material from us.

Simple, clever: Presentation for tables and counters

You have little space at the cash point, or you want to make the sales table between the shelves more attractive and create highlights? You start with a limited range and do not know how it will develop?

easiKit provdes the solution: limited floor space, 4 standard formats can be combined at different heights.
And: the display can grow – level for level. You invest step by step in extension units.
Also suitable for practical as well as sophisticated storage for CDs and DVDs in the office or at home.

Acrylic Design and processes

Convincing clarity, pure design: made from one piece of material, cut and folded.

Our patented process for working with Plexiglas is a worldwide innovation. This new and exclusive process makes swinging intersecting curves possible for the first time forming concave and convex surfaces.

Cut'n Fold can do all this easily, making special designs economically viable in limited numbers.

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