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Floor Spinner easiKit XL for Manga Comics

For right-bound books with the reading direction from right left. With the Hannecke system"easiKit XL" you don't have to show the back of your Manga Comic frontally and no customer reaches into open pages. The Hannecke spinner shows 24 titles in full view and holds a total of approx. 240 copies. It is also suitable for the presentation of continuous series due to the wide compartments. Different format heights can be mixed in each compartment. From classic paperback format to premium and novel format. The spinner is available in different colors. An customized header print can be offered on request.

Article no.:
Packing unit (PU): 1 piece

Prices on request.
Freight/forwarding expenses per article on request.

product details

Dimensions (W x D x H)16.54 X 16.54 X 75.98 in
Decor finish availableyes
Suitable for printyes
Height of header3.94 in
Depth of header14.84 in
Shelf plate1DK210, DK245
Pockets per tier4
Number of tiers6
Visible facings24
Weight29.89 kg
Art. no.: