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Spinner 56U for "Manga" comics

Specially for the presentation of Mangas (Japanese binding). This spinner presents the maximum number of viewable titles in a slim design and small footprint. The sturdy wooden base provides a firm stand. 56 Titles in full view and a capacity of up to 170 copies. This spinner presents only the format of 180mm and is especially suitable for thin Manga Comics.The shelves are not adjustablein height. With this spinner you don't have to show the backcover of your manga frontally and no customer will reach into open pages. This spinner is available in different colors.A customized header print can be offered on request.

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Packing unit (PU): 1 piece

Prices on request.
Freight/forwarding expenses per article on request.

product details

Dimensions (W x D x H)15.35 X 15.35 X 70.87 in
Decor finish availableyes
Suitable for printyes
Height of header3.94 in
Shelf plate1U
Length of Tube56.3 in
Spacing of slots18.7
Pocket width2.36 in
Pocket depth4.53 in
Pocket height7.09 in
Pockets per tier8
Number of tiers7
Visible facings56
Weight16.98 kg
Art. no.: