Individual display solutions

We  develop individual display solutions. Whether you introduce a new line of product or whether you relaunch your existing range. We will be happy to support your activities with both reliable quality and creative ideas.


Display for Christian Lacroix paper product

This display is a fully adequate shop-in-the-shop solution. The display spinner made from wood in a matt black finsh presents the complete range of the wonderfully designed Christian Lacroix Papier notebooks and sketchbooks. Individually display cubes build up to a rotating counter-top or freestanding floor display. Front pockets on the enclosed sides of the cube highlight selected new product. Don´t miss the attention-grabbing way to display and drive your sales up!

Spinner for accessories

The four-sided display spinner consists of perforated metal plates, which allow metal hooks of various sizes to be adapted to the display: flexible in their position to accomodate any product size and format. The metal display can be powder coated in a choice of colors, the round header will be made to your specification.

Display fixture, case study

Technical realization of a customer design.
Natural wooden surface, 4 shelves adjustable in height, with implemented electrical power supply.

Special designed display “consumer marketing”

Regarding sales promotion at the POS, Hannecke Display Systems develop eye-catching special designed displays for the attractive presentation of high-quality products for several years.

With the “iRobot-Display” for automatic floor vacuum cleaners Hannecke shows its professional competence in consumer marketing.

The display stand is equipped with 3 modular shelves, easy to hang in. The shelf are arranged in a cascade-shape to present different models of vac-cleaners. A bar with metal hooks presents battery packs and other accessories. Stock product is placed on the base of the display.

A digital colour display attached to the header panel shows additional product information in film and images: The brochure pocket provides flyers.

Display for packaged product

Floor display with an open-format presentation of packaged merchandise. Clear or colored display trays are adjustable in height, with option of print or scanner rails for signage on the front plate of each shelf, and a device for exchangeable header cards.

Stylish displays from paperblanks®

paperblanks®, the producer of superb writing journals, is renowned for quality, innovative design, careful handiwork and long-term durability.
The new Wave Display now offered by paperblanks® reflects  their high standards and comes in an outstanding design in the shape of an open book, impressively alluding to the unique character of paperblanks® products.

Bold and stylish, the paperblanks® Wave display is available in either black or white and is produced in both Countertop and Tabletop sizes. A clear acrylic device on the display’s header allows for signs to be easily inserted and exchanged. Designed for seasonal or special promotions, this feature will assist Retailers to sell more of this wonderful product.

New kind of Presentation

Based on a request of a leading german manufacturer of lights, Paulmann Licht GmbH, Springe (Germany), Hannecke came up with a new,  innovative design for presenting light bulbs in retail stores.

Hannecke has designed and developped a new kind of hook for “hang-on” product, such as Blister packs. What´s new and what´s the system?

The hook is curved and various hooks can be clicked onto a ring. The curved design does not leave useless space between the rows of merchandise. Dependent on the size of merchandise a maximum of hooks can be arranged per tier. The ring with the hooks is adapted on a central tube and is height adjustable. This gives flexibility to number of tiers on one hand and to suit the height of merchandise.

The result is maximum of visibility on the covers front with high capacity on a minimum of floor space.

The name „ArchiHook“ refers to the mode of goods-presentation; the arrangement is based on an „Archimedean spiral“.

"Miniwelt" from Tessloff Publishing

With this eyecatching display you will generate additional sales. The display is designed for the target group and will attract customers as soon as they make visual contact. Tessloff Publishing offers a presentation for the complete book- and toy series “Miniwelt” for babys and kids. The display is equipped with adjustable trays, pockets and hooks, plus an acrylic bin on top of the base.

Dimensions: 41.3" x 27.6" x 79.2"

Display Spinner for Blu-ray disc

Introducing the new high definition technic and give emphasis to a new program. This spinner is adjusted to the new format of the packages. The full colour banner next to the spinner gives sufficient consumer information about the Blu-ray disc technic.

The spinner shows 64 full faces with a capacity of total 256 disc packages - and all that on less than 1/3 of a square meter floor space. This system is available as a freestanding floor display or counter top.


DVD Display stand

Cool appearance: the metal shelves are highlighted by a passe-partout type metal frame. 10 shelves (bothsided) show 40 DVDs full face and offer space for over 200 so called Digipacks. Four casters make it easy to bring this display to the "hot selling" location of the store.

Bookcase for Encyclopedia

The concept of this bookshelf invites the customer to browse. The lectern in the center shows an extra browsing copy and allows for an Audio DVD player with headphones. An acrylic pocket offers brochures and product information for the print- and digital edition of the encyclopedia.

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